Why Teachers Should Understand Their Health Insurance Options

If there’s one thing that all teachers know, it’s that the job is far from easy. Despite the incredible advances that have been made in technology in the 21st century, this hasn’t made the jobs of educators any better to carry out. In some cases, teachers may even find themselves competing with today’s technology, as anyone giving a lecture while seeing students focused on social media can attest to.

However, despite the challenges that teaching brings, it’s still a rewarding profession for ushering in a new generation of Americans and entrusting them to take on the future and make a better country than one they were left with. For you to ensure you can help with this effort, you need to keep your options open about your health insurance.

Costs Are Rising

One of the biggest reasons why health insurance should be considered by teachers is the same factor that affects most Americans. The cost of medical care is going up. While other countries like Canada, for example, have life-saving insulin available for just $30, it is over $300 in the USA, the price we pay for being the freest, most developed country in the world.

As medicine, treatment, and hospital care rise in costs, health insurance is one of the safest ways to reduce the risk of being unable to afford medical care when the time comes. Those without adequate health insurance coverage can find entire family savings completely wiped out by a serious medical emergency. 

Student Consistency Is A Factor

Teachers are not just disseminators of information. If that’s all that education required, everyone would be learning from their smartphone. The true value of a teacher is in the ability to educate, and that is far more than just knowing the facts and dates. Educating is about establishing a rapport with students, getting an understanding of what they need, and formulating an approach that gives that to them.

When teachers are ill and take time to recover, this can impact that rapport. If the teacher is unable to return to teaching, that can often affect an entire class’s academic performance for that year, hindering their results.

The Future Is Uncertain

One more reason that teachers should keep an eye on their health insurance options is that, as frightening as it may be to consider, there is a question of financial sustainability. While the current generation of teachers is, comparatively speaking, “safe,” future generations of teachers may not be so lucky. Cuts in education, budgets, and pay are on the way.

More importantly, however, benefits such as health and retirement are no longer things that future teachers can take for granted. The previous baby boomer generation that is now moving into retirement is making enormous demands on pension and health benefits. There is no clear cut solution for how to address this drain, as fewer teachers, and more budgetary cuts come into the equation.

If you’re a teacher now, this is a very delicate time. Health insurance is not just for peace of mind; it may be critical to avoiding a huge financial emergency in the future. If you want to keep things stable, Unity Health Advisors, to look at your options.

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