Key Questions To Ask Your Doctor About Insurance

Key Questions To Ask Your Doctor About Insurance

Insurance has been one of the most complex, confusing issues in Fort Worth and the rest of the country for over a decade now. Ever since so-called “Obamacare” started making headlines, the government has been in a constant debate over coverage while the average person struggles to understand what kind of coverage they have and what to expect from it. 

It’s still ongoing, too. Each year it seems that more aspects of insurance coverage change, and whether you’re using government backed coverage, a policy you get through your employer, or something else, knowing more about your coverage is absolutely vital for everyone. 

That’s especially important when you’re going to see a doctor for something related to your health. You’re already likely stressed about the medical side of your visit, but what about the financial side? With that in mind, there are a few key questions that Fort Worth patients will want to ask their doctor before they arrive for their appointment. Here are the main things to ask them when you’re setting up a visit or even before you call for your appointment. 

Does Your Current Doctor Accept Your Coverage?

Some plans actually need their insured parties to receive prior authorization before they even visit a medical professional, otherwise you may end up being charged for things that your plan will cover. You can always check the website for your health plan to see if your provider is listed in their directory, too.

Or, to simplify things, just call your doctor’s office and ask them outright if they accept your insurance coverage. They’ll be able to answer quickly and explain any copays or other factors that you’ll need to be aware of. 

Does Your Plan Cover Your Services?

Every health plan is different. While most private health insurance plans in the government marketplace will have a basic set of essential health benefits, it’s important to ask directly to see just what is covered. Some of the main benefits that are covered include things like:

  • - Emergency services

  • - Prescription drugs

  • - Pregnancy

  • - Maternity

  • - Newborn care

  • - And more

If you’re unsure of whether or not a service is covered by your plan, contact your provider to find out more about what is allowed and what isn’t. 

What Will Your Overall Costs Be?

Another thing to consider is just what exactly your total costs will be. Many health plans give you deals for services from doctors who are in network. Look at things like:

  • - In and out of network costs

  • - Copays

  • - Prescription discounts or coverage

  • - Premium costs

Taking a look at these can also help you make a determination as to exactly what your overall costs are going to be. If you have questions, it’s always in your best interests to contact either your medical provider or your health plan provider, depending on the nature of your coverage. 

Fort Worth residents deserve to know what to expect from their medical visits and staying healthy is important. Think about the points above to ensure that you are able to seek medical treatment without fear of a surprise bill that you struggle to pay. 

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